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About Us Page

Al Dhafwa is a media production agency located in Baghdad – Iraq. Almusafer merges with Ajwaa Al IraqWe offer a wide range of media services, including and not limited to, artwork production, printing and filming.

Al Dhafwa issued “Al Musafer” Magazine in 2014 which was later merged with “Iraq Skies” «أجواء العراق» which is the exclusive magazine on Iraq Airlines and all Iraqi transportation facilities.

Al Dhafwa has exclusive rights from Iraq Airlines to have printed ads on the Iraq Airlines boarding passes:

  • Available for Baghdad, Najaf & Basra Airports
  • Includes all destinations: National & International
  • Up to 4 Million boarding per year
  • Minimum Order 100,000 boarding
  • For boarding pass ads in 3 airports order should exceed 250,000
  • Cost per boarding pass : $0.5
  • Booking: One month ahead.

Al Dhafwa has a 2 years old production archive that includes the following projects:

  1. Documentary for Oil Products Distribution Company (OPDC) –  2007_2008.
  2. Documentary for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense (صناعة الأبطال) – 2008.
  3. Documentary for Al Forat TV Channel (الطريق نحو الشمس).
  4. Series of documentaries about the Iraqi provinces (القلعة الحصينة).
  5. (دولة القانون ) Live TV Campaign – 2009.
  6. (دولة القانون ) promotional ads – 2010.
  7. Road signs for Bismayah New City – 2012.
  8. TV commercial for Bismayah New City – 2013.
  9. TV commercial for Trade Bank of Iraq – 2012.
  10. Road Signs for The Arab Summit – 2012
  11. Documentaries for The Ministry of Human Rights (شعب تحت التراب) 2011_2012.
  12. Documentaries for Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals ((مناجم الماس.
  13. Advertisement Campaigns for the local product ناردين – حب السفايف  – 2015
  14. Advertisement campaigns for KOREKTEL company 2014.
  15. Reports production with Al Arabiya TV – Sky News & NPO3