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About Us

Al Dhafwa is a media production agency located in Baghdad – Iraq. We offer a wide range of media services, including and not limited to, artwork production, printing and filming.

Al Dhafwa issued “Al Musafer” Magazine in 2014 which was later merged with “Iraq Skies” » أجواء العراق « which is the exclusive magazine on Iraq Airlines and all Iraqi transportation facilities.

Al Dhafwa owns the Facebook page almusafer magazine مجلة المسافر.

About Us

Our Services


Google the right keywords to get what you are looking for, in return we think that if you use the right metadata (keywords – description – images) in your website content you can reach the right audience who would be one click away. Content is key, it determines your website failure or success. This is SEO – Search Engine Optimization, where you get reachable on search engines.


We carefully evaluate and study your business industry field, competitors and potential audience to understand your competitive advantages and how shall we design, communicate and deliver your marketing message. This enables us to craft the best digital brand solutions and design perfect digital Ads campaigns to boost your online presence and business revenue.


A successful marketing strategy identifies, addresses and delivers your target market requirements. This type of market scanning, feedback analysis and communication is simply happening through social media networks. We help you hear what is said out there and deliver your services and products to the right person at the right time using SM monitoring and analysis.


We create custom smartphone and tablet apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and HTML5 platforms.


Whether you need it from scratch or to revamp your site, we will make it happens. We design, code, deliver and that is not the ending, we provide 24/7 services and maintenance.


Identity is the first glimpse in your mind once you hear a brand name. Branding starts from building your identity and lasts until we make sure it remains steadily in your audience minds. Identity building involves your logo design with all the required printed and digital artworks, it also applies to brand slogan and all marketing campaigns.

Video Production

At Al Dhafwa we have all the tools that make you increase  the power and of your message.

The team has extensive experience in film production and editing. We shoot and edit to shoot and edit documentaries, advertisements and broadcast live webcasts. Also, we shoot films for clients on location, from corporate videos to conferences and events.

Boarding Pass Ads

Al Dhafwa has exclusive rights from Iraq Airlines to have printed ads on the Iraq Airlines boarding passes:

Available for Baghdad, Najaf & Basra Airports
Includes all destinations: National & International
Up to 4 Million boarding per year
Minimum Order 100,000 boarding
Booking: One month ahead.

Iraq Skies Magazine Ads

Al Dhafwa issued “Al Musafer” Magazine in 2014 which was later merged with “Iraq Skies” «أجواء العراق» as the exclusive magazine on Iraq Airlines and all Iraqi transportation facilities.

We provide unique advertising services in Iraq Skies Magazine, this is reflected by our honorable clients who booked several & continuous insertions.  Contact us for Ads rates in Iraq Skies.


Project Complete


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Available Faces On Iraq Airlines boarding Pass Yearly



We have worked with some of the world's bigget brands

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walter Elias Disney

American entrepreneur, cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and film producer

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